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Santa Barbara Chiropractor Dr. Levy is result-oriented. His mission is to help patients regain their quality of life within the shortest time possible. He began his practice in Santa Barbara, CA after graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College, 1984 in LA. He felt that standard chiropractic adjusting was effective yet, thought that something was missing as he wished for longer lasting results.

Dr. Levy then met Dr. Gary Glum, a chiropractor and founder of NeuroMuscular ReeducationSM (NMRSM) who treated his shoulder injury that was preventing him from playing squash. After a few treatments, he was playing competitively again. Dr. Levy had finally found the power of a solution he could believe in to benefit his patients.

Dr. Levy developed these skills and NMRSM was introduced into his practice. His patients were delighted with the results obtained. Soon after, Dr. Levy carried on teaching NMRSM. For 25 years, Dr. Levy has taught over 400 seminars to approximately 3500 health care professionals internationally.


Santa Barbara Chiropractor Dr. Levy

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That’s the bold promise Dr. Levy makes to his patients.

When Dr. Levy treats, not only is he interested in the symptoms of his patients, but he also looks at the activities that his patients can no longer perform so the treatment plan can be targeted to the specific area which will help them return to their normal daily activities. It is Dr. Levy’s belief that if he can learn about the importance of identifying the activity restrictions of his patients, it enhances the patient’s motivation to get better.

He is interested in patients committed to improving their health and function.  If you have been putting up with a musculoskeletal problem that has been unresolved for too long, call our office to make an appointment, or to have a free phone consultation with Dr. Levy. It is Dr. Levy’s pleasure to speak with his patients, when you call our office, do not hesitate to request for Dr. Levy to contact you directly.

Experience result-oriented musculoskeletal treatment as never before!

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“As far as I am concerned, being treated by anyone else would be a compromise.”

Dr. Gary L. Glum, Founder NeuroMuscular ReeducationSM (NMRSM)
Los Angeles, CA