“What an experience!  When Dr.Levy was done, I lifted my arms tentatively over my head and found I had an amazing new range of motion.”

James E. Wright, PhD, Editor,
Muscle & Fitness Magazine
October 1992 Issue

“Dr. Levy takes you in 15 minutes where most doctors won’t take you in 15 visits.”

Brent Musselman, DC, RN, CCSP, CSCS
Long Beach, CA


“My body feels looser and more agile, key components to feeling good as an athletic person.”

Nancy Glllette, Board Member
Aerobics Fitness Association of America,
October 93 Issue

….as far as I am concerned, being treated by anyone else would be a compromise.

Dr. Gary L. Glum, DC
Los Angeles, CA

“I have been to a number of chiropractors, an acupuncturist, physical and massage therapists. Neuromuscular ReeducationSM is the only technique that has made a significant difference in my body and allowed me to return to my normal physical activities.”

David Hebel
Licensed Massage Therapist & Personal Training, Gold’s Gym

“Dr.Levy and his Neuromuscular ReeducationSM allowed me to return to pain-free training, peak form and a new personal record.”

Elise McConnell
California State Sprint, Outrigger Champion, 1990-1993

“I have found the most relief and freedom with Neuromuscular ReeducationSM because of its thoroughness and specificity. This particular technology takes the guesswork out of healing!”

Anita Morales
Personal Fitness Trainer
Comedic Actress

“I was on a 10-months tour in “A Chorus Line” doing 8 shows a week and I was suffering constant reinjuries. Dr. Levy’s application of Neuromuscular ReeducationSM handled my problems and allowed me to continue to perform my acting and dancing abilities to the fullest.”

Kelli Fish, Actress

“I have taken the NMRSM course with Peter and invited him to write a chapter in my 3rd edition of “Functional Soft Tissue Examination & Treatment by Manual Methods”.  NMRSM is an excellent method of restoring function to soft tissue lesions. In one weekend you will learn an approach for the entire body. Peter is an exceptional instructor combining both his skill and philosophy making an NMRSM weekend a time well spent.”

Warren Hammer DC, MS, DABCO

“You have changed my life for the better and enabled me to treat myself and my body with complete understanding.”

Dana Carr, Triathlete

“I couldn’t wait to apply this. I have been suffering from a shoulder injury since November and after Dr. Levy worked on it for 15 minutes it was 90% better!!! Amazing stuff!! Hands! Hands! Hands! They’re your BEST TOOLS !!!”

Diana A. Scott, D.C.
Union City, CA

“Thanks very much for helping me make light years of progress.  I wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you this past Saturday and how thankful that I am for time that you spent working on my problem areas. My left shoulder has more range of motion than I’ve experienced in twenty years. In fact when I was practicing my yoga on Sunday, I was surprised at my ability to move deeper into some of the poses that have been difficult for me to perform. The work that you did on freeing up my diaphragm, did just that. I thought that I had been breathing deeply but after the session, I realized that my breath was fairly shallow. It feels so good to be able to really take a deep breath and I’m convinced that the long-term effects will bring even greater peace of mind. Also, as a result of the work that you did on my low back, I don’t feel twisted in my pelvis any longer. Now when I sit, I feel planted and solid and there’s definitely much greater movement in my hips. After having been consciously working to free the constrictions in my body for the past twenty years, you were able to release my shoulders and pelvis in thirty minutes. I’m definitely excited about the immediate effects of this process and enthusiastic about the longer-term benefits. Once again Dr. Levy, thanks very much for helping me make light years of progress in my attempt to create openness and stability in my body.”

Diane Dombeck
Chicago, IL

“After 14 years of power lifting competition, Dr.Levy and Neuromuscular ReeducationSM allowed me to return to pain-free training, peak form and a new personal record.”

David Lewandowski, DC
1994 Winner, 198lb. Class,
World Natural Powerlifting Federation.

“More pats on your back…Dr. Peter Levy is an excellent lecturer. His knowledge and passion for Neouromuscular ReeducationSM is second to none. Having undertaken many continuing development courses that don’t deliver, Peter’s course is truly superb. Hands on practical skills alongside a wealth of knowledge. His course gives practitioners the skills to implement their training with him easily within their daily practice. His passion is contagious, and all of our course attendees are looking forward to him returning to the UK in the New Year to continue their training in NMRSM.  I can’t recommend Peter’s NMRSM work enough.”

Karyn Clark, DC
Evergreen Chiropractic, Letchworth, UK

“I have been practicing the NMRSM techniques on any willing patient the last 2 weeks. It is so fantastic. I have not had one patient that has not seen improvement. I had one patient that could not abduct his arm past 90 deg. without using his other arm. After I worked on him, he said his pain level was the same and he had no change in ROM. I was so proud of myself. I told him maybe NMRSM wasn’t the technique to help him and maybe he should try another chiropractor. He told me that I wasn’t getting rid of him that easily, that it always took him a few days after the treatment to see results. He called me that night at 9pm and told me his arm was at least 75% better and that he could abduct his arm without help from his other arm. Fantastic!! Thanks for your teaching and your insights.”

Joy Cooper, D.C.
Strasburg, CO

“It’s Monday night. I worked on 4 low backs, 1 knee and a pregnant woman’s obturator internus. She was due last Friday and has had twelve months of SI pain from an auto accident. I have helped but not relieved her until now. I also found and corrected 6 A-P cervicals. This along with my usual day. Thanks for everything- it was great and I am so fired up. This sounds like every cheesy testimonial except I already loved my practice and got great results but this is that extra mile. On the drive home I thought of every patient that I only partially helped or didn’t help. Thanks to you I already have the tools to help them. It was a really complete seminar. Thank you and I’ll see you again after I’ve practiced awhile.”

John Zimmerman, DC
Fort Collins, CO

“I liked learning how to apply the specific knowledge as a powerful tool in changing the biomechanics of the body. I like the technique, the philosophy of health you presented is classy….like this seminar.”

Andy Chiem, D.C.
Seattle, WA

“I have a patient that I have treated for years with chronic neck and LBP. He is a massage therapist and a big guy (6’3” 240). I have worked on him 3 times and he says it’s the best he has felt in 15 years. I have had very little success with any osseous movement with him in the past but after NMRSM, I just position him and things fall into place. He says he has gone from a chiropractors nightmare, to a chiropractic dream because he’s so “easy” now. One other success story. High school football player/power lifter, chronic LBP, lumbar flexion about 8” from the floor. After one session LB and Hams, he touched the floor after 2 sessions he placed his palms on the floor. His squat has improved 45 lbs. in 2 weeks. That’s better than steroids. The best thing about it is that his mother is the post MVA neck above who brought him in after her first session with NMRSM because of her RESULTS!! There’s a hell-of-a marketing scheme, “Get people better and they will tell someone else.” Funny how that works!!!”

Diran Lancaster, DC.
Bowie, TX

“You could see and feel the results of the work being done. NMRSM is very effective and I appreciate the assistance, the thorough presentation of the technique and the open-mindedness of the instructor with answers given to the questions.”

Deborah Beaulieu, LMT
Hollis, NH

“The best part of the seminar was gaining IMMEDIATE results in pain reduction and improvement in range of motion. I will be working with many patients using this technique in the next two months and then take a refresher course in Denver. GREAT MATERIAL!! GREAT TECHNIQUE!! GREAT PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION!! You, Brian and Doug were AWESOME!!!”

William Nelson, ND
Colorado Springs, CO

“I started working on Garrison Hearst, Jerry Rice, and other players/coaches of the San Francisco 49ers in 1998.  I soon realized that I would need more than massage techniques to be effective in this arena.  I found Dr. Peter Levy’s website, Neuromuscular ReeducationSM, took his seminar, practiced and became certified.  I am now in my 12th year working with NFL players from the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, to full season and Super Bowl 2005 with the Philadelphia Eagles. I couldn’t have done this without NMRSM and achieved this level of bodywork.  Thank you, Dr. Levy….their endorsements of my work say it all!”

Kathy Sherrill, CMT
Yorba Linda, CA

“My right shoulder was injured when I played high school football. The NMRSM work on my neck and shoulder brought my shoulder back to it’s pre-injury status in one session! It now has a full range of motion and feels as good as it did 25 years ago.”

Stephen J. Hill, D.C.
Los Angeles, CA

“This message gets to you about 9 1/2 years late. I was able to attend one of your seminars back in 2001. I had always been a big advocate of incorporating soft tissue work with adjusting. I just was not sure as to what technique to use, and how to incorporate it into my treatment plans. Well your one seminar changed all that and put me on a path that I can only say thank you for. I live in a small rural area with a population of approximately 4,000 people. I work 3 1/2 days a week and see approximately 145-150 people from as far away as South Carolina (I live in New England). I also have patients that travel in from the larger cities to come see me as well.  My practice sees everyone from newborn babies to 90 year old patients.  As a result of my ability to treat soft tissue injuries I see a large portion of the local athletes, along with most of the local high school teams as well.  So one again Peter Thank you. I hope this email finds you well.”

Martin Streb, DC
Hubbardston Family Chiropractic

“In two words, thank you! Thank you for what I have taken as the gift I received from taking your NMRSM workshop. The gift of superior knowledge to what I had in the realm of soft tissue work. It has certainly changed the way I approach my patients now and has been well-received by them because the work produces such fast results.”

Richard B. Hamilton, D.C.
Ukiah, CA